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This is a great view Michelle Obama and her daughters will surely never forget.

The First Lady shared a snapshot with her girls Malia Obama and Sasha Obama visiting the Great Wall of China on Sunday.

“Sharing a moment at the Great Wall #FLOTUSinChina,” President Barack Obama’s wife tweeted along with the picturesque photograph.

The 50-year-old, clad in a stylish black ensemble, detailed the experience of traveling to “one of the great marvels of human history” on her White House blog.

“To get to the Wall, we rode a cable car up a mountain (and we later rode back down on a long slide!),” she explained. “The section we visited is one of the more popular parts of the Wall for tourists, and it’s easy to see why,” she described about Towers 14 to 15.

“Throughout its history, the Great Wall has gone through decades, even centuries, of ruin and disrepair,” she continued about the iconic tourist destination in Mutianyu. “But it has always served as not only a physical barrier, but a psychological one to intimidate potential invaders.”

Obama was also presented with a “I climbed the Great Wall of China” certificate.
A gift presented to the First Lady at the Great Wall. #FLOTUSinChina


Looking For Jobs, Finding Death – By Femi Fani-Kayode
Whether anyone likes to accept it or not the bitter truth is that 80 per cent of our GRADUATES are unemployed in Nigeria today whilst 51 per cent of our PEOPLE are also unemployed. As a frightful and grave consequence of these shocking statistics, which I happen to believe may well be a world record in terms of unemployment, a terrible tragedy occurred in Abuja and other parts of our country on 16th March 2014.

Peoples comment .

Josh Danjuma
This mouthy did nothing as a minister.
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Kufre Etuk
Joblessness is bad. Are you aware that even the writer of this piece is jobless? I am afraid if Femi was not among those who fought for the imigration exams form last Saturday.
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Jerome Kerede
I think u re part of d problem cos when u were minister hw many jobs did u create?
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Olusegun Tolulope Idowu
You’re a part of the sleaze. The failings of the past and misrule of the present have come to roost.
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Bishop Johnson Oyewole
What u said is true but when u are a minister u fail us too
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Chigozie Nwaugo
Mr femi as a minister in Obj administration wh@ did u do in ur sector?
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Friday Isaiah Fyneface
Wen u wia government did u talk…..
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Thompson Ndukwe
F. F Kayode you are a VERY BIG FOOL. Very soon you will die.
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MI Kazaure
How many graduate did you employed when you a minister
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Akpofure Blessing
In my country
They poli-tick me to vote for the gun
In my sick country
They poli-trick me to sabotage my destiny
In my motherland
They poli-take me into hardship and poverty
I am left to poli-think.
At my age, mirage and destiny are happily married
In a grand style does my future fall flat
When the wind blows I’m called upon
When the calm comes with the crown
I’m no where.
I am the square that fits the eagle square
I want to take my place
Tomorrow needs no leader
I want and must lead today. Poetic Politics
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Hon Eghe Ehigie
Mr femi you are a big full.wen you de eat why you nor talk say nigeria bad.You people are the BAD onez we have in NIGERIA thife,ole,bawarwo ogi bo le.
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Emeleze Victor Onos
How many jobs you created when you were in govt?
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Thompson Ndukwe
F. F Kayode you are a VERY BIG FOOL. Very soon you will die.
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Emeuche Ucheoma
Femi Kayode was just a sit down dey look person as aviation minister then.In d means of plenty they made many Nigerians became beggers in their fatherland.God is waiting for all of them
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Gbenga Olufemi
It really funny how pple think,how can shrew be saying leopard is smelking?
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Abubakar Ibraheem Bolaji
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Charles Anene
Baised mind.
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Camalistic Suleimanistic Rilwanustic
No mind him,dem giv am money mek him copy somebody’s comment nd post so dat we go comment. Him dy craze. Dem tel me se him sef apply 4 immigration. Na true?
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Nkiru Stella
See who is talking.
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Rabiu Baba
u said it all. gej no 1 thief in nigeria
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Salees Adamu Sani
Because of our poor leaderships
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Atuekong Paul Bassey
Meet Young Akwa Ibom Applicant,
she had dreams like every young graduates out there. But
today she is 6 feet below, all thanks to NIS.
#‎ IbommobileCrew
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Jude U. Mba
Is Femi Kayode lookin for a job i thought he got one at EFCC recently?
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Daniel Paul
wat do u do durin ur regime minister of aviation?
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Leon Bill Adelabu
Whoaa! You have spoke well bro. I love this saga. You just spoke the massess psyche. Love you….
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Erhabor Uyi
Shut up thief
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Akinwumi Adegoke
Can someone ask him this simple question of whom did he employed when he was in the government as a minister? FFK you are talking nonsense please.
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Charles Foma Danasabe
Enumerate ur inputs while u were there, FFK


The pictures of these two men, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Igwe Okwudili Onyejekwe bear a striking resemblance. Igwe Onyejekwe is the former Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Okwudili Onyejekwe a police officer, who lived in Abeokuta around 1930s. He died in 1970.

Former presient Obasanjo has procurred a writer from Ghana to do a 50-page book on him and at the launching of the book bragged that he was “100%” from Owu-Egbaland in Ogun State. The question if not where Obasanjo think he comes from but his real paternity.


What more can I say … What’s your take on This

From the image Above and its inscriptions, one would actually ask if the Prominent Covenant university has actually turned into a Rehab for students therein . All I must say is that the University Board is at it Again ..

University owned by Living Faith Church founded by Bishop David Oyedepo, is banning its student from using or being in possession of gadgets such as SIM enabled tablets and more.
The University which is based in Ota, Ogun State, is known for its strict disciplinary rules and low tolerance any form of misconduct among its students.
According to a statement released yesterday by the institution’s Dean of Student Affairs, Mr. Azubuike, the school is placing a ban on the use of “phone chargers, SIM Cards, and SIM enabled devices [like] iPad, Techno, Samsung and other unpopular tab brands” in the school.
According to the release any student found with these prohibited materials will be punished with a 4-week suspension.

Government Stunt though !!! 🙂

Editor, The Beats Online Magazine

Checkout The Outfit And Color Blending Of The IMO State Born Diva , Onyinye who was Spotted in a friend’s wedding Event In Lagos.

Editor, The Beats Online Magazine

A 40-year-old mother is set to marry her own son. The woman and her son claim to be in love with each other. And now they want to take their relationship to the next level and get married considering that the mother, Betty Mbereko (from Mwenezi in Masvingo) is now six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child and her grand child.
Mbereko, 40, has been a widow for the past 12 years and has been living with her 23-years-old son Farai Mbereko.
She confirms that she is six month pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her.
Betty stunned a village court last week when she said the affair with her son had begun three years earlier.
She said after spending a lot of money sending Farai to school following the death of her husband, she felt she had a right to his money and no other woman was entitled to it.

“Look, I strove alone to send my son to school and no one helped me. Now you see that my son is working and you accuse me of doing something wrong.

“Let me enjoy the products of my sweat,” she told the village court council.
Farai said he was more than prepared to marry his mother and would pay off the ilobola balance his father had left unpaid to his grandparents.
“I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said. “It is better to publicise what is happening because people should know that I am the one who made my mother pregnant.
Otherwise they will accuse her of promiscuity.” But local headman Nathan Muputirwa says: “We cannot allow this to happen in our village, mashura chaiwo aya, (This is a bad omen indeed). In the past they would have to be killed but today we cannot do it because we are afraid of the police.”

He warned them to immediately break off their marriage or leave his village. They chose the latter and have since left the village for an undisclosed destination.

Editor, The Beats Online Magazine