Posted: April 22, 2014 in Headlines

Imo APC Chairman, Marshal Okafor-Anyanwu has announced his resignation to newsmen in Owerri and said that he was compelled to quit as a result of undue and excessive government interference, usurpation of party authority, empty promises and lack of funding.

Hear the APC Chairman:
“I am leaving the party because it is not run based on ideology,it is more like a one man business, only one man has a say, he decides who gets what, where, how and when.
And if you dare ask why, you become his staunch enemy…so i can no longer remain a slave in the party. I and my supporters are leaving because we are no longer comfortable with the undirectional leadership of Rochas and we cannot be ambassadors of Idi Amin of Imo which Okorocha represents”.

Lady Chidimma Akasike, the Women Leader, simply said she was frustrated out of the party. Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.


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