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Veteran midfielder Ryan Giggs was on Tuesday appointed interim manager of Manchester United, shortly after the club announced the sacking of David Moyes.
“Following the departure of David Moyes as manager, Manchester United has announced that Ryan Giggs, the club’s most decorated player, will assume responsibility for the first team until a permanent appointment can be made,” read a statement on the United website.

Ryan Giggs
“The club will make no further comment on this process until it is concluded.”
Giggs, 40, made his United debut in March 1991 and has made a record 962 appearances for the club, winning 13 Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues, four FA Cups, four League Cups and one FIFA Club World Cup.
He has no previous managerial experience, but has combined his role as a player with a position on United’s coaching staff since the start of the current campaign.
The Welshman, Britain’s most decorated player, was informed of the news after arriving at United’s Carrington training ground on Tuesday morning.
His first game at the helm will be a home fixture against Norwich City in the Premier League on Saturday, which will be followed by matches against Sunderland, Hull City and Southampton.
Louis van Gaal, the current Netherlands coach, has been installed as the favourite to succeed Moyes on a permanent basis by British bookmakers.
However, Jurgen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund, another rumoured contender, has already ruled himself out of the running.
Klopp told British newspaper The Guardian: “Man United is a great club and I feel very familiar with their wonderful fans. But my commitment to Borussia Dortmund and the people is not breakable.”
Moyes was dismissed earlier on Tuesday after a desperate debut campaign at United, who have fallen 23 points below league leaders Liverpool and can no longer qualify for next season’s Champions League. Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.


Problems around the Family Of Okoye Have actually eaten the Duo down as they are now sober over the Heat in their home. Below is A quote and wish of. Paul ..

‘After the storm comes the calm. Hoping for better days ahead as one family. God’s intervention‘, Paul Okoye wrote on his wall’ Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.

Teen apparently traveled from California
to Hawaii in plane’s landing gear
FAA says 105 stowaways have made
similar attempts since 1947; 25 survived
The situation indicates a “big security
breach,” aviation expert says
Boy is with child welfare services, official
says; San Jose plans no legal action
(CNN) — The questions are many.
But the first has to be, how in the world did a
16-year-old boy survive a five-hour flight in
below freezing cold weather at oxygen-
depleted heights without dying or falling out
of the wheel well of a huge jumbo jet?
Another has to be, how does a 16-year-old
even sneak on to an airport and a plane to
begin with?
Authorities likely were trying to find the
answers to some of their questions Monday.
The boy remained in the custody of child
welfare services workers in Hawaii. But the
FBI says they have no more need to
interview the boy as he is no threat.
How did the wheel well stowaway survive?
See how stowaway could hid in wheel well
How a stowaway survived a 5-hour flight
How could stowaway get inside wheel well?
Apparently he’s just a runaway who popped
out of the wheel well of Hawaii Airlines Flight
45 on Sunday to the amazement of the
ground crew at the Kahului Airport on the
island of Maui — and triggering a host of
How did he survive the flight?
As unlikely as it sounds, officials believe the
boy rode in a tiny, cramped compartment for
almost five hours, at altitudes that reached
38,000 feet, without oxygen and in subzero
“It sounds really incredible,” said aviation
expert Jeff Wise. “Being in a wheel well is
like all of a sudden being on top of Mount
Between the oxygen depletion and the cold,
life expectancy “is measured in minutes,”
Wise said.
But some people have survived. Since 1947,
105 people are known to have attempted to
fly inside wheel wells on 94 flights
worldwide, the Federal Aviation
Administration’s Civil Aerospace Medical
Institute says. Of those, 25 made it through,
including a 9-year-old child — a survival
rate of 24%. One of the flights went as high
as 39,000 feet. Two others were at 38,000
The conditions at high altitudes can put
stowaways in a virtual “hibernative” state,
the FAA said.
Someone could slip into unconsciousness so
that the body cools and “the central nervous
system is preserved,” said CNN aviation
expert Michael Kay. Also, he said, “there
could be a situation where inside the bay is
warmer than the external air temperature and
you wouldn’t get the instantaneous freezing
of the skin.”
Still, “for somebody to survive multiple hours
with that lack of oxygen and that cold is just
miraculous,” airline analyst Peter Forman
told CNN affiliate KHON in Honolulu.
The boy’s survival is “dumb luck mostly,”
says Dr. Kenneth Stahl, trauma surgeon at
Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. The
temperature outside the airplane could have
been as low as 75 or 80 degrees below zero,
said Stahl, who is also a pilot. “Those are
astronomically low temperatures to survive.”
The boy was likely so cold that “he was
essentially in a state of suspended
animation,” Stahl said. Being young likely
worked in his favor, too. “No adult would
have survived that,” Stahl added.
The boy could face permanent brain damage
from the experience, in fact, it’s “more likely
than not,” Stahl said. He could face
neurological issues, memory problems or a
lower IQ.
When the ground crew at Kahului Airport
noticed the boy, he was wandering the
tarmac, dazed and confused.
The teen also could have frostbite or a kidney
injury because when the body freezes,
particles of muscle enter the blood stream
and damage the kidneys, Stahl said.
How did he get there?
The 16-year-old apparently hitched a ride
from San Jose, California, to Maui in the
landing-gear wheel well of a Boeing 767,
Hawaiian Airlines said.
The boy told authorities he was from Santa
Clara, California, and ran away from home
Sunday morning, said FBI Special Agent Tom
Simon. He didn’t have an ID and was
carrying only a comb.
He hopped an airport fence, ran to the plane
and climbed on, the FBI said.
“It appears that this teenager scaled a
section of our perimeter,” Mineta San Jose
International Airport spokeswoman
Rosemary Barnes told CNN. The boy “was
able to proceed onto our ramp under cover of
darkness and enter the wheel well of an
Officials for the city of San Jose, which
operates the airport, are not planning any
legal action, Barnes said Monday. Once they
were confident that the teen did not present a
threat, the FBI dropped out of the
The boy is in the custody of child welfare
services workers in Hawaii, said Kayla
Rosenfeld, a spokeswoman for the state’s
Department of Human Services. She said
Monday afternoon that officials have notified
the boy’s family that he is safe.
How did no one notice him?
Surveillance camera footage shows the boy
hopping the fence at the San Jose airport, the
FBI said. There’s also camera footage of him
walking across the ramp in San Jose toward
the Hawaiian aircraft, the airport said.
Video “is under review by federal and local
law enforcement officials here,” Barnes said.
“And we’ll continue to review that to
determine where, in fact, the teenager was
able to scale the fence line.”
The boy told investigators he crawled into
the wheel well of the plane and lost
consciousness when the plane took off.
An hour after the plane landed at Kahului
Airport, the boy regained consciousness and
emerged to a “dumbfounded” ground crew,
the FBI’s Simon said.
The Maui airport has video of him crawling
out of the left main gear area.
“It makes no sense to me,” Simon said.
Mavin Moniz, the Maui District airport
manager, added that a worker saw the boy
come out of the wheel well and walk toward
the front of the aircraft.
“Clearly there’s a big security breach here,
which in the post 9/11 world order is a
concern,” said Kay. To get past all sorts of
people apparently unnoticed is “a physical
feat,” he said.
How did he not get crushed or fall?
It’s not hard at all” to climb inside the wheel
well, said Jose Wolfman Guillen, a ground
operations coordinator at Chicago’s O’Hare
International Airport. “You can grab onto the
struts and landing gear assembly kind of like
a ladder, and you just jump on the tire and
climb into the wheel well.”
Inside, there’s not much room — even less
than in the trunk of a car, Guillen said. A
stowaway would need to guess “where the
tire is going to fold in when it closes after
takeoff. There’s a high risk of getting crushed
once the gear starts going in.”
During the flight, “the interior guts of the
aircraft, they’re pretty exposed inside the
wheel well, so there’s a lot of stuff you can
hold on to,” Guillen adds. “It’s just a matter
of holding on to it for the duration of the flight
and maintaining your grip when the gear
opens up and not falling out. If you fell out,
you could get horribly mangled or dragged
on the runway.”
It’s possible for a stowaway to enter other
parts of the plane through a wheel well,
though complicated, Guillen said. It would
require know-how.
“On a 767 and other wide bodies, there are
small latched doors that a very small and fit
person can (use to) access the wheel wells
for maintenance. You could access the
passenger cabin from the wheel wells, but
again, some knowledge of the anatomy of the
aircraft is required. I wouldn’t know how to
do it.”
In February, crews at Dulles International
Airport in suburban Washington found the
body of a man inside the landing-gear wheel
well of an Airbus A340 operated by South
African Airways.
In 2010, a 16-year-old boy died after he fell
out of the wheel well of a US Airways flight
that was landing at Boston’s Logan
International Airport.
The most recent known case of someone
surviving was on a short domestic flight in
Nigeria . A 15-year-old boy snuck into the
wheel well of a flight from Benin City to
Lagos — thinking it was a flight to the United
States, according to an FAA report. The ride
lasted only 35 minutes, and the plane likely
went no higher than 25,000 feet.
The FAA and Transportation Security
Administration have studied stowaway
incidents to augment security. Many
incidents involve people desperately trying to
escape their countries.
“No system is 100%,” said San Jose airport
spokeswoman Barnes.
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Manchester United manager David Moyes has been sacked, only 10 months after succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

The club had previously refused to comment on national newspaper reports on Monday that Moyes would be dismissed before the end of the season.

Moyes, 50, was chosen by Ferguson as the man to succeed him when he retired after 26 years in charge last summer.

Moyes left Everton to sign a six-year deal with the Premier League champions.

In a statement the club said it “would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role”.

United, who currently lie seventh in the table with four games remaining, will record their lowest ever points tally in the Premier League having struggled at Old Trafford in particular.

Under Moyes, they have lost six league games at home, been beaten in the FA Cup by Swansea at Old Trafford and were unable to prevent Sunderland knocking them out of the Capital One Cup in the semi-finals.

In March, some supporters chartered a plane to fly overhead trailing a banner with the words “Wrong One – Moyes Out” – a reference to the banner at Old Trafford that proclaimed Moyes to be the “Chosen One” – during the Premier League win over Aston Villa.

The Reds will also miss out on Champions League football for the first time since 1995 and are in danger of missing out on European competition altogether for the first time since 1990.

United did reach the last eight of the Champions League before being knocked out by Bayern Munich and Moyes argued that their best displays had been in the competition.

But the Scot has been dogged by claims he has fallen out with members of his squad.

When midfielder Anderson joined Fiorentina on loan in January, he was quoted as saying other United players “wanted out” although he later denied it.

Rio Ferdinand and Robin van Persie also made less than complimentary comments about his management style, while Javier Hernandez and Wilfried Zaha posted cryptic quotes on Twitter.

At the weekend, Manchester-born striker Danny Welbeck was reported to be considering his future after becoming frustrated at regularly being played out of his favoured position. Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.

Imo APC Chairman, Marshal Okafor-Anyanwu has announced his resignation to newsmen in Owerri and said that he was compelled to quit as a result of undue and excessive government interference, usurpation of party authority, empty promises and lack of funding.

Hear the APC Chairman:
“I am leaving the party because it is not run based on ideology,it is more like a one man business, only one man has a say, he decides who gets what, where, how and when.
And if you dare ask why, you become his staunch enemy…so i can no longer remain a slave in the party. I and my supporters are leaving because we are no longer comfortable with the undirectional leadership of Rochas and we cannot be ambassadors of Idi Amin of Imo which Okorocha represents”.

Lady Chidimma Akasike, the Women Leader, simply said she was frustrated out of the party. Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.

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President Jose Mujica says his wealth adds up to $322,883. Nearly a third of that is cash, kept in three bank accounts that Uruguay’s leader didn’t previously declare.

Mujica’s insistence on living simply has earned him the nickname “the poorest president in the world,” but his sworn declaration this year shows zero debts and a 74 percent increase in wealth since 2012.

The form he submitted to Uruguay’s transparency and public ethics board doesn’t require Mujica to declare the source of the $103,451 in cash he says he now keeps in banks. The joint annual income he makes with his wife, Sen. Lucia Topolansky, totals $229,450, and they declared no debts, owning their land and cars outright.

Most of the cash is in two accounts at the Banco Republica Oriental de Uruguay, while $14,062 is in an account at Bandes, a Venezuelan development bank.

The presidency’s deputy secretary, Diego Canepa, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he had no more information to share about the president’s finances.

Mujica has said he habitually donates most of his income. In the “observations” section of the form, Mujica wrote in longhand that since becoming president in 2010, he has given about $25,500 in cash and $60,348 in heavy equipment to “Plan Juntos,” a housing organization supported by the ruling Broad Front coalition, and donated $86,068 to the coalition itself.

Mujica and Topolansky are former leftist guerrillas who often speak out against greed and consumerism, and say they learned to live on very little during their long years in prison under Uruguay’s 1973-85 dictatorship. They gave up the chance to live in the luxurious presidential mansion after he was elected four years ago, staying instead on their ramshackle flower farm, which Mujica declared to be worth about $108,000. They share ownership in two other properties as well.

Mujica also declared three tractors, each worth more than his two 1987 Volkswagen Beetles, which together value about $4,750.

Uruguay’s 42,000 public officials have to make sworn wealth declarations every two years, but only the top two are required to make them public.

Vice President Daniel Astori says he’s worth $389,000
Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.

Sent From The Beats Online Magazine HQ, Nigeria.