‘I Would Have Flogged Don Jazzy’ – Eedris Abdulkareem Declares yet Again.

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Headlines

If ever top producer, Don Jazzy, were to cross paths
with veteran Nigerian rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem, he
will definitely be sure of one thing – getting flogged by
The controversial rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem seems to
be a man that cannot relieve his mind of grudges.
Sometime ago Don Jazzy tweeted this on his twitter
handle ‘if you are a rapper, your father will never be
proud of you.
However, it seems the rapper is still angry over that
statement. This is because when Punch recently spoke
with him, he said Donjazzy was lucky he didn’t mention
his name because he would have flogged him.
Eedris narrated that, “First of all, why didn’t he stay in
London for the British government to give him a record
deal? Shebi all of dem stayed in London, while some of
them, like Banky W, went to America. But they all
rushed back to Nigeria because it is here they could
make such money. Of course, in America, they will not
get paid $10, 000 for a show. Even some of the
Americans like 50 Cent, the highest they will get for a
show in their country is $50, 000. But they get paid $500,
000 here.
“If you could make such money here, you don’t have the
right to stand up and say as a rapper, your parent will
never be proud of you. Fortunately, it was money from
rap music money that I used to build my houses. It was
through rap music that I could venture into other
businesses and do my agricultural project. It was rap
money that I used to sponsor other guys on their trips to
“When Don Jazzy posted that twitter message, he
specifically said: ‘For example, Mode 9’. He did that
because he knew Mode 9 will not do anything to him.
Why didn’t he mention Eedris? I would have sent people
to bring him and get him flogged very well.
“But I would have used that to teach him a lesson. Some
people may call it controversy, but I will say controversy
loves me. It is important to address that issue. This guy
has allowed everything to get into his head quickly. He
was feeling like Meen, so na Nigeria we dey make all this
money now? The British government wouldn’t have given
him that opportunity. So, it is we that made rap and R&B
possible to the extent that you get paid nicely that you
are now insulting. Apology or not, it was important that I
addressed that issue.
“Funny enough, I am happy that they called me a thug.
At least, I am an educated thug. People can say
whatever they want. Some even say Eedris is proud. I am
proud because hip-hop is proud. But the problem is that
dem no know my secret. Dem no know how I dey take
dey survive. I never come to dem papa house come ask
for money before. The money some of these guys are
making in the industry, I am the one that ignited the
revolution for them to make it. I am fine and happy that I
am doing very well. I am a musician, farmer and
“I know what I export to Europe. Germany is my base. I
speak German. I am a businessman. I know where I am
coming from. I am not an idiot. Let them call me
anything; I have friends in the industry, but I am very
choosy. 2Face Idibia is my very good friend, Dr. Fresh is
my friend and Terry G is my brother. If I am not friends
with you, that mean say we no dey the same level and
I’m not going to force myself. Na Eba I wan chop, you
say make I chop amala. Na by force?”

Source : PULSE NG


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