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The campaign against insurgents in the North-East intensified with the capture of a top leader of Boko Haram and the killing of about 70 insurgents at the sect’s stronghold in Gwoza Hills, Borno State.

Saturday PUNCH investigations revealed that the leader was arrested on Thursday evening while he was trying to flee the bombarded Gwoza Hills with some black Toyota Land Cruiser sports utility vehicle in his escort.

It was learnt that the Special Forces captured him alive and flew him immediately out of Borno State to Abuja for interrogation in one of the military formations in Abuja.

A source, who confided in our correspondent, said that the arrest of the man suspected to be one of the topmost commanders of the sect (if not the leader), had triggered anxiety among security agents in Borno State.

Security officials were of the view that the captured Boko Haram leader might be a very key person to the operation of the sect for him to have such a massive and luxurious escort comprising Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles.

The source said, “On Thursday, soldiers arrested a top member of the Boko Haram around the Gwoza Hills after the battle of Wednesday night when troop took over the hills.

“The Boko Haram member must be a very high ranking member of the group if not the head because he had several Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps in his escort when he was captured.

“Another thing is that they didn’t want anybody to know his identity; the commanders immediately flew the man to Abuja; as we are talking, the man is being interrogated there. A highly placed security source confirmed the arrest of the Boko Haram leader but would not make any further comment on the issue.

Investigations further revealed that troops killed over 70 insurgents at Bita community in Gwoza Local Government Area of Borno State and Bama headquarters of Bama Local Government Area of Borno State.

The insurgents were said to have been killed in two different gun duels with troops at Bita and Bama where Armoured Personnel Carriers and military tanks were fully deployed for the combat on Thursday.

Investigation revealed that the soldiers attacked the insurgents when they were moving to launch an attack on Bita community a day after troops overran their Gwoza Hills enclave on Wednesday.

The source said that some soldiers sustained gunshot wounds and were being treated at a hospital in Maiduguri. It was learnt that some other insurgents were killed also on Thursday evening on their way to Bama after the first encounter which resulted in the killing of over 40 members of the sect.

It was gathered that the special forces waited for the convoy of the insurgents on their way to Bama when an intelligence report was received that they (the insurgents) were on their way to launch another attack in Bama.

A security source said that the insurgents were moving in 15 trucks loaded with fighters when they ran into the ambush of the troops.

The source said that the troops destroyed seven of the trucks which caught fire and killed about 30 of the insurgents.”

However, it was stated that the insurgents escaped with eight of the vehicles in the convoy.

When our correspondent contacted the Director of Defence Information, Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, he confirmed the deployment of APCs and military tanks but asked to be given more time to confirm the capture of the Boko Haram commander and those killed in the two battles.

“That APCs and military tanks were deployed is no news but you have to give me some time to confirm this story from the relevant places,” he said.

However, Olukolade said that the troops arrested a middle-aged Cameroonian who served as the arms courier for the sect.

He said that the arrest of the Cameroonian led to the discovery of a large cache of arms and ammunition which was hidden in the premises of a burnt church.

Olukolade said that weapons recovered from the insurgents in the premises of the church in Kalabalge Local Government Area of Borno State included anti-aircraft guns, rocket-propelled guns, other brands of machine guns and thousands of various calibres of rounds of ammunition.

He said that the Cameroonian led troops on a cordon and search operation to a hideout where a terrorist was captured. He was silent on the rank of this particular terrorist whose singular arrest featured in his news statement.

A protest letter from the Immigration
boss, Mr. Parradang, sheds light into a
process many Nigerians believe was
hijacked and terribly mismanaged by the
interior ministry.
Abba Moro
Nigeria’s interior minister, Abba Moro,
backed by the supervisory board for
Immigration, Civil Defence, Prisons and
Fire Service, marshalled a surprisingly
secret plot to hire new staff into the
Immigration Service, deliberately
sidelining immigration authorities from a
recruitment process that turned deadly
and ended in fatality last Saturday,
PREMIUM TIMES can report today.
About 18 job seekers died and several
more were wounded on Saturday in
stampedes across Nigerian cities as
hundreds of thousands of applicants
overran recruitment centres as they
struggled to access locked venues.
The more than 520,000 applicants were
made to pay N1, 000 each for their
Outraged Nigerians have called for the
minister’s sack, as well as the removal of
the Comptroller-General of Immigration,
David Parradang.
The Nigerian government said the
exercise has been cancelled and that a
committee will oversee another test.
President Goodluck Jonathan promised
investigation in a brief mention of the
tragedy on Monday.
But government sources at the Federal
Executive Council meeting Wednesday
say the president merely warned
ministers and heads of government
agencies against such recruitment
drives, and did not appear willing to sack
officials culpable in the bloody
But PREMIUM TIMES has now established
a troubling power play at the highest
level of decision-making on the
recruitment, involving Mr. Parradang on
the one hand, and the minister, Mr.
Moro, and members of the Civil Defence,
Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services
board on the other.
Officials interviewed and documents
obtained by PREMIUM TIMES, provide a
narrative of how the interior ministry
single-handedly pressed on with earlier
preparations for the recruitment last
year without the knowledge of Mr.
Parradang, and how the Immigration
comptroller-general protested the move,
urging the board to suspend the
In a letter to R. Attahiru, the then
secretary of the supervisory board, Mr.
Parradang spoke of how embarrassed
and surprised he was to learn, from a
newspaper, of plans to hire new hands
for an organization he heads.
“The said publication or advertisement
for the appointment of persons into the
Nigeria Immigration Service without
consultation or any input whatsoever
from us is to say the least, surprising and
embarrassing to me,” he wrote in the
letter dated September 9, 2013.
David Shikfu
The newspaper publication Mr.
Parradang referred to was a Daily Trust,
September 9, 2013 advertisement
announcing the ministry’s plan to fill
vacancies in the immigration
The announcement, asking young
Nigerians to apply for the positions, was
signed by Mr. Attahiru, as secretary and
director of the board.

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NTEB sources on the ground in Kiev have confirmed to us the death of 3 Ukrainian soldiers at the hands of the Russian Army. Further reports are coming in from Ukraine that ‘war has begun’.

Independent UK: In an extraordinary day which redrew the map of Europe, fears were growing that widespread violence would erupt in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea. An Ukrainian officer was killed in a confrontation in Simferopol, just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an incendiary speech justifying Moscow’s reclamation of the former Ukrainian territory.


Several others were injured and the Ukrainian commander captured as the military facility in the Crimean capital was stormed by troops dressed in Russian camouflage kits and balaclavas.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister warned that  “the conflict is shifting from a political to a military stage” and claimed that “Russian soldiers have started shooting at Ukrainian servicemen and…

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7 Things That Prove God Is Real.

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Moon and the stars
There indeed are answers for atheists’ arguments against the existence of God. (iStock photo)

When I was a journalist in my 20s, I needed to verify a fact about atheism. This was before the Internet age, so I phoned the Texas headquarters of American Atheists. Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the mother of modern atheism in this country, answered my call. Apparently she had a very small staff!

Her voice was gruff, and she sounded angry and cynical, even before I identified myself as a Christian. She answered my question and I hung up. Ever since then, I’ve felt intense sadness for people who deny the existence of God. Explaining her beliefs, O’Hair once said, “There is no God. There’s no heaven. There’s no hell. There are no angels. When you die, you go in the ground; the worms eat you.” What a sad way to view life!

I’m sure Mrs. O’Hair…

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Two weeks. Two gut-wrenching, frustrating, mysterious weeks.

That’s how long it’s been since 227 passengers and 12 crew members boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, destined for Beijing. A routine trip, it seemed, to catch up relatives in time for the weekend, start on a work assignment or just get away.

Where they got to, still unknown. An exhaustive search — covering a mind-boggling 2.97 million square miles, which is nearly the size of the continental United States — has yielded some clues, but no proof of where the Boeing 777 is or definitively what happened to it.

The latest, most notable lead revolved around two large objects detected by satellite Sunday floating on waters over 1,400 miles off of Australia’s west coast.

The first of several Australian military planes, as well as two long-range commercial jets, resumed their search Saturday morning to find any trace of the objects, amid some skepticism that they or ships in the area ever will and, if they do, that whatever they find will be related to the missing aircraft.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Friday defended the decision to announce the find, saying Australia owes it to families of those missing “to give them information as soon as it’s to hand.” But he didn’t make any promises.

“It could just be a container that has fallen off a ship,” Abbott said during a visit to Papua New Guinea. “We just don’t know.”

On Friday, Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s interim transportation minister, tried to reset expectations for a quick resolution to the mystery after the satellite discovery.

“This is going to be a long haul,” he said.

Search intensifies

After tough weather Thursday, conditions improved Friday to allow flight crews to look with their eyes rather than relying all on radar, said John Young, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s emergency response manager.

“That’s encouraging,” he said. “But we have no sightings yet.”

The United Kingdom was sending the HMS Echo to aid a growing international flotilla searching the southern Indian Ocean. Australia is sending a ship, the HMAS Success. And Malaysian and Chinese vessels — including the icebreaker Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, as reported by China’s official Xinhua news agency — are also steaming to join a massive Norwegian cargo ship diverted there Thursday at Australia’s request plus a motley collection of merchant ships heading to the search area.

The window for finding the objects in the target area could be narrow. Another round of bad weather like the one that hampered the initial day of searching Thursday could rake the area, according to CNN meteorologists.

Locator beacons are also an issue. They are designed to sound for at least 16 more days and could continue to go off for a few more after that, according to the company that believes it made the device installed on the missing plane.

But the ocean depths in the search area could make finding them very difficult, experts say.

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel — who talked Friday with Hishammuddin, who is also Malaysia’s defense minister — has ordered the Navy and policy experts to look at the availability and usefulness of U.S. military undersea technology to try to find the plane’s wreckage and its data recorders, a U.S. military official said.

Hishammuddin has put out a call for underwater listening devices called hydrophones to aid the search.

Search continues elsewhere

The United States, which has had a P-8 aircraft working out of Perth, Australia, and Navy ships involved in the search, has so far spent $2.5 million on the entire effort, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steven Warren said Friday.

NASA Administrator Charles Holden said Friday that he’s tasked the U.S. space agency to mine its existing satellite data and also try to capture fresh images that might aid in the search. Its satellites can detect objects as small as 30 feet (98 meters).

Countries from central Asia to Australia are also engaged in the search along an arc drawn by authorities based on satellite pings received from the plane for hours after it vanished. One arc tracks the southern Indian Ocean zone that’s the focus of current attention.

The other tracks over parts of Cambodia, Laos, China and into Kazakhstan. Hishammuddin said Friday that Malaysian authorities were awaiting permission from Kazakhstan’s government to use the country as a staging area for the northern corridor search.

That clearly signals that Malaysian authorities are not giving up on the possibility the plane could still be found far from the focus of current search efforts.

“Obviously, the search now has taken a global perspective,” Hishammuddin said.

More details emerge

At Friday’s daily news briefing, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said authorities knew of news reports that Flight 370’s pilot, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, placed a cell phone call shortly before his plane departed.

He said they had passed the information to investigators. The significance of the call was unclear.

As to other communications, The Telegraph reported Friday it had a transcript documenting 54 minutes of back-and-forth between the cockpit and ground control from taxiing in Kuala Lumpur to the final message of “All right, good night.” CNN hasn’t confirmed that this reported transcript it genuine, and The Telegraph said Malaysia’s prime minister said the transcript wouldn’t be officially released.

The alleged transcript reported by the Telegraph contains seemingly routine conversations about which runway to use and what altitude to fly at.

One unexplained element, according to the British newspaper, is a call in which someone in the cockpit stated the aircraft was at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet — something that had been done just six minutes earlier. Twelve minutes after that comes the “good night” message, at a point Flight 370 was being transferred to Vietnam’s control.

Another wrinkle: Ahmad Jauhari acknowledged the plane was carrying a cargo of lithium-ion batteries, although he didn’t specify the volume of the shipment.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in laptops and cell phones and have been known to explode, although that occurs rarely.

They were implicated in the fatal crash of a UPS cargo plane in Dubai in 2010, and lithium-ion batteries used to power components on Boeing 787s were blamed for fires in those planes.

There’s no evidence the batteries played a role in the plane’s disappearance, and Yahya said they are routine cargo aboard aircraft.

“They are not declared dangerous goods” he said, adding that they were “some small batteries, not big batteries.”

Deleted files sought

Malaysian authorities say they believe the missing plane was deliberately flown off course on its scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. But they haven’t so far found clear evidence to indicate who might have changed the plane’s path and why.

The pilot and first officer have come under scrutiny, especially in light of information suggesting a sharp turn had been programmed into the plane’s flight management system before one of the pilots gave a routine sign-off to Malaysian air traffic controllers.

Plus, question marks remain over data authorities say was deleted from the hard drive of a flight simulator found at Zaharie’s home.

A U.S. official familiar with the investigation told CNN on Thursday that an FBI team is confident it can retrieve at least some of the deleted files.

On Friday, U.S. law enforcement officials told CNN files were removed closer to the flight’s departure than was previously indicated. Malaysia’s Hishammuddin had said items were deleted before February 3, but American investigators now say such deletions happened after that date.

Law enforcement officials aren’t drawing any conclusions about the subsequent deletions — or the earlier ones — just two days into reviewing the hard drive substantial contents. It is still not clear, for example, who erased the files, why they did and what was in them.

Investigators are also analyzing websites that Zaharie and the first officer, Fariq Ab Hamid, may have visited recently, the official said on the condition of anonymity.

Passengers also continue to be investigated. On Friday, Hishammuddin said Ukraine told Malaysia that background checks on its citizens aboard the plane had come back clear.

Families frustrated

The length of the search and the lack of concrete information has angered many family members. Some have accused Malaysian officials of withholding details, or at the very least failing to update them.

For the first time since the plane disappeared, Malaysia sent a high-level delegation to Beijing to brief relatives who had opted not to travel to Malaysia to wait out the search.

Hishammuddin said the 3½-hour meeting went as well as could be expected, but,”Although we answered most of the questions they raised, we could not answer them all,” he said.

“The one question that they really want to know is the answer to which we do not have,” he said, “which is: ‘Where are their loved ones, and where is the airplane?'”

Passengers’ relatives in Kuala Lumpur were moved from the Cyberview Hotel to another, unspecified hotel because the Cyberview is booked for the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix race, said a hotel official who prefers to remain anonymous because she is not authorized to speak to the media.

Selamat Omar, whose son was on board the plane, told CNN’s Kate Bolduan the wait for answers has been agonizing.

“I do feel sad, it’s been 14 days,” he said. “I’m still waiting for answers from the government. The sadness is still there, but I’m just going to stay strong.”

Omar’s son, Khairul Amri, has attracted the attention of authorities because of his experience as a flight engineer. Omar said authorities have not contacted him and he is confident his son had nothing to do with the plane’s disappearance.

What can we tell from fresh leads?

If this is the debris of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, what happens next?

The search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Explore maps

Opinion: Search for MH370 highlights need for trust, unity in Asia

Source : CNNi

Millionaire bolts after beating girlfriend so badly,her face looks unrecognizable
A multimillionaire Russian telecommunications boss has gone on the run after beating his model girlfriend up so brutally that she was left looking like a ‘zombie from a horror film’.
Pavel Ushanov, 33, who is CEO of the Russian communications company Devino Telecom, had been dating model Alexandra Sereda for two years when she told him that she wanted to end their relationship.
But Ushanov was so enraged by her decision that he launched a brutal attack on the 27-year-old. Speaking from her hospital bed she told Russian media…

‘I was leaving for work and it was 7 am in the morning when I heard the doorbell, and then I heard his voice.I could hear that he sounded annoyed and I didn’t want to open the door, but he obviously wasn’t going away so then I did and without saying anything he just went inside and punched me in the head.

She said that…

the man had then kicked and punched constantly for 10 minutes.She said that even when she screamed that he was going to kill her, he had simply replied: ‘Good, that’s what I want’.When I looked at the pictures of myself after the attack I looked like a zombie from a horror movie.’

Miss Ushanov only escaped after managing to open the door and run off and fortunately because she had her mobile phone with her was able to call the police.Paramedics took her to hospital to be treated for her injuries.
Police say Ushanov has since gone on the run, and they have issued a warrant for his arrest

#What Manner Of Man Is This ?