“Blacks Are Stupid! Let Them Do All The Barbaric Chanting For Us,” Laughed Off White DA Members

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Headlines

(PIC) An influx of DA supporters marching for “real jobs”

Johannesburg – It was petrol bombs, tear gas and bricks as DA’s attempt to march for “real” jobs came to a screeching halt. A sea of blue t-shirts confronted by a dash of red [copy cat] berets turned unpalatably sour, consequently wreaking havoc across the streets of downtown Jozi.

Amidst all the drama and controversy, what was strikingly vivid was the absence of white DA comrades, although the ANC is still very adamant that DA is predominantly a “white” political party. Like a small drop of bleach stain on a black fabric, DA leader, Helen Zille, was the only white person in attendance, flanked by [her almost white] Lindiwe Mazibuko, alias “glorified tea girl”.

While all media outlets took M1 South to capture stick-and-stone moments hovering Rissik street, a journalist working for a popular tabloid in Marshalltown reportedly took M1…

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