An Open Letter To Deeper Life Church

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Headlines

Just this morning after early morning prayers while i was deciding when to finally wake up and get prepare for church, the t.v was own and i was forcing my self not to listen to the preacher as he was interrupting my thoughts..but something caught my attention he was talking about his struggles and how Gods love and help from people he never solicit help for during his early days helped him in the growth of the ministry which made him carry on.

Then my mind flew back to my beloved deeper life, the got the standard to be reckon with, the preach strictly holiness and encourage sound doctrine, in fact we use their holiness standard to measure other denominations, the dress morally and even the scarf covers their ear’s, we easily refer to them as S.U, i mean its obvious..their lecturer’s are strict and hardly bend their rules, their parents are strict and their children understands.. In fact u can’t debate bible with a deeper life bred child without having a tough time, even a back slider or an ex deeper life still have that deeper life attitude and feeling in him, no matter how bad he torn out to be,deep in him,he still know whats right and whats wrong..a deeper life member can’t enter a modern dance hall styled church and feel comfortable, no! Never.

But here now lies my burden, do Deeper Life show welfare, social care, love, i mean real practicable love? I mean i have instances where even their own members have been ignored in times of need.. There is this die hard deeper man along my street whose power supply has been disconnected 4 over a year now, his faith wunt let him do him do illegal connection nor bribe..hence he lives in darkness, not too long ago he left the church. I don’t know why but i sense detachment.. There was this other incidence when a man lost his job, the wife write for financial help frm the church to start up a petty biz to cater 4 d family but was denied, reason is her husband was guilty and was suffering for his sins..what happen to love covering multitude of sins?. Many people i knew left deeper life when they are in deep need and the church offer little or no help these die hard left after several years of loyal dedication.

Even the bible says if i have all the best gifts in this world and lack love, then am good as empty. in fact the kjv made it clear and called it charity.. Holiness without love and care and regards for other people plight is what??

I love deeper life with all my heart , but i notice this ills and it affecting the church and the confidence members have in it..most members get disciplined for some minor offense which tell on their spiritual lives. The poor are ashamed to ask for help and remain poor, destitute and exposed to temptation..this is a reality.

I think the church board have to wake up to this reality..just like the apostles set up deacons in the early church..likewise something need be done.. Something need be done for the poor, like a welfare board, Love and care need be given more attention, the leader’s ,workers and members need be treated with respect proportionally, with out bias mind, the youth need be taught,prayed for and cater for not judged.. The terms of discipline need be checked, reprove to achieve positive result not reprimand to discourage and slacken commitment.

N. B. Am not judging i just conclude after close observation.. God bless Deeper Life..

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  1. Bryan says:

    The deeper life members wouldn’t even read it cuz they haven’t watched t.v not to talk of surfing the internet. Everything that has to do with modern technology is sin to them. Lol


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