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Dear Friends,


We have traveled through the rough months filled with ups and downs ; smiles and frowns , yet you Stood by us. Encouraging Us to forge ahead without fears. …..

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for your recent thoughtfulness And love for my business Outfit . It was so kind of you to speak favorable about me to your friends on your social networks , recommendations and in the Media . It was just what I needed but never expected! You always seem to know the perfect time to say or do.

I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirit, and willingness to get out of your way to help me boost my production , and information dissemination . You are my real friend. I am indeed lucky to have a friend and fan like you in my life. Thank you again for being so thoughtful.

And Also to those who took my Projects too serious: Bloggers like ,,,,, , Naijaeast , , , , , , , , , and so many more I can’t remember ; DJs ,Producers , Comedians , AOPs at Hot99.5FM , Sammy Davies , E-sure , The Real Stuff , E-berry , Solid C , I want to say May God Bless You and Put You through in All your respective quests To greatness . Amen !!!

And to All Otown Artistes , YUNGROC LOVES YOU ALL … God will bless your Hustle . And To All my FACEBOOK and TWITTER followers , who regularly follow my timelines , posts , I say a BIG THANK YOU for keeping us Alive.

I pray that in 2014 , THE BEATS BY ROC COMPANY will be better and stronger and also, will be A major driving force in the entertainment scene and we are poised to Serve you better.

In our mistakes and good deeds , you stayed glued to us showing us how important we are to you and the general public and we are giving it back to you this Christmas with love in our hearts.

From January 2014 ,
THE ROCKMEDIAHOUSE GROUP (a parent company to The Beats By Roc , iRadionaija Blog , The Beats Online Magazine , Morhymes City Records ) , will bring to you non-stop entertainment packages , ranging from Signing of artistes , giving away free albums , hosting of artistes to so many mouth-watering packages for the love of entertainment in the East and Nigeria.

All I pray is that God should keep you safe and warm as you have taken your time to read my letter.
I want to once again say thank you for supporting my Movement in the Entertainment Industry and for Helping Me Create A Niche and Fanbase that Keep us moving.
Really I don’t know what to give back to you but I know that SOMEONE up there gives better than I should and HE already knows what I wish to give you.

We Are Saying A big Thank You for showing us dedication , Love And Company throughout 2013. And we wish to let you know We will Also be with you in 2014 with much love Attached. MERRY XMAS God bless you All …

Signed ….

Sent From The Beats By Roc Company Hq,Norway.


The Beats By Roc Company Is giving Away A 15-Track Fully Mixed And Mastered Album To An artiste who would win The Beats By Roc’s Win The Album Contest Scheduled To take Effect in March 2014 . This Project is targeted at promoting and building the talented entertainment Niche for the young and gifted. YungRoc , the CEO. Of THE ROCKMEDIAHOUSE GROUP has issued out a press release based on the process of the contest. And urges artistes to take part. In the program which will also help in spotting out hidden talents in the eastern Region of Nigeria. He. Also disclosed that the ‘You win The Album’ contest would be a continuous program that would run every year . The ‘You Win The Album’ Project winner , will get a fully produced , 15-track. Album from The Beats By Roc Company Free … YungRoc has been known for his love for the development. Of the growing entertainment sector in the country and has put up many successful efforts towards promoting entertainments in the Eastern Part of the Country. Below are the processes by which the contest will be run THE PROCESS : STAGE 1 : The Beats By Roc Company will issue out 3 INSTRUMENTALS for three Music genre (HIP-HOP , GOSPEL , R&B ) Each category contestants are expected to write , compose and perform the song to scale through the 1st stage of the contest ! Each contestant is expected to score at least 50% of the Stage’s Result to scale through to the next Stage .. STAGE 2 : Qualified contestants into this stage will be given ample time to recreate old songs of their respective choices and render on the contest day. The contestants are expected to score Above 50% To scale through this Second Stage. … STAGE 3 : AN INSTRUMENTAL to BE produced by one of Nigerian’s Best Producers will be given to the contestants to compose and perform. 10 Short-listed contestants will be contacted via SMS from The Beats By Roc Company … STAGE 4 : The 10 Short-listed Contestants will Be invited over To The Beats By Roc Studios For Special Collaboration And production … And live competition. …. STAGE 5 : 5 FINALISTS WILL BE SELECTED BASED ON THE LAST CONTEST* PERFORMANCES … GRAND FINALE THE 5 FINALISTS WILL BE GIVEN TIME TO COMPOSE A SONG BASED ON A TRACK TOPIC GIVEN BY THE PANEL OF JUDGES, WITHIN 10 MINUTES … A WINNER WILL BE SELECTED** ….. NOTE : * CONTEST FORMS WILL BE SOLD AT THE BEATS BY ROC COMPANY. DESIGNATED AREAS (TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON) And at the Cost of =N= 1,000 …. ** JUDGING IS DEPENDENT ON 60% OF PEOPLE’S VOTES AND 40% OF THE JUDGES’ RECOMENDATIONS WHICH WILL BE. MADE OPEN. TO THE PUBLIC. *** SEASON 1 IS MAINLY FOR UPCOMING ACTS IN IMO STATE .. THIS PROGRAM IS PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY : IRADIONAIJA , OCT 29 CLOTHING , SoundCheck Entertainments , Morhymes City Records. For more inquiries contact : +2348037643281 , @Beats_By_Roc , Sent From The Beats By Roc Company Hq,Norway.

The Canadian Based Nigerian Pop Star/Afro Sensation I.Z.U Signed To
B.V.L Music Conglomerates,Who Has Worked With Artistes Likes Yung L Of Grip Music And Fellow Label Mate SPLYN, Drops A New Tune Titled “Bad Pattern”. BAD PATTERN VIDEO DROPPING SOON

Sent From The Beats By Roc Company Hq,Norway.