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The multitudes of
heaven’s angels are
waiting to assist you. It
is not only their duty,
but also their joy to
provide help and
guidance to humanity.

A Guide to Angelic Helpers: Choosing
an Angel for Your Needs

Who doesn’t need help these days? Whether it’s
relationship issues, the economy or just
everyday stress, having some assistance can
definitely make life easier. While having a
personal assistant would be great, most of us
can’t afford one. So why not engage some
spiritual help? Angels make great aides. They
may not be able to help with errands and
chores, but they can give you energy, strength
and guidance to handle your problems.


There are many angels that deal with all types of
relationships. You don’t even need to learn or
know their names in order to receive their help.
Just use prayer or intention to call upon them.
You can ask, “Please send me a relationship
angel to help with my issues.” Then state your
specific problem. Also ask for a sign of their
presence. You may feel a chill or change in
energy when they arrive. You can even ask the
angel to tell you his or her name.
If you prefer to work with specific
helpers by name, the following angels
are happy to help: Ariel, Chamuel and
Gadiel. They can all assist with
relationships of any kind, but some have
special individualized powers. Ariel can
help bring order out of chaos, which
comes in handy for families. Chamuel is
known as the Archangel of true love. He
can help you with romantic love or
improving any existing relationships.
Gadiel is perfect for damage control. If
your relationship is in need of repair, call on


Stressed out over finances? There are angels to
guide you towards abundance. You can request
their assistance in the same way, through prayer
and intention. Call on them as you would the
relationship angels and be sure to state your
specific problem.

Among the money angels are: Barakiel, Gamaliel
and Pathiel. Barakiel’s name means “God’s
blessing.” He can help you achieve abundance
and accept financial blessings. Gamaliel is very
generous. If you suddenly find yourself running
short of money, he will come to the rescue just
in the nick of time. Pathiel can help you with
long-term financial goals and manifestation.
Work, School and Career

The angels also want to help you in work, school
and career related matters. Whether you need
vocational guidance or help finding a job, call on
the angels. You can ask God or Spirit to send you
an angel to help with your needs or you can
choose one of the specialists.
Michael, Gazardiel and Jehudiel can help you
with specific goals. Most people are familiar
with Archangel Michael. He has many talents and
as leader of archangels he can inspire your own
leadership abilities. If you’re feeling stuck at
work or school, he can help you find your true
path. Looking for a career change or a fresh
start? Then call on Gazardiel, the angel of
renewal. Jehudiel is known as the angel of work.
He can help you find a new or better job.


Like all the others, healing angels are ready and
waiting to heed your call. You can ask for
healing angels in general or you can choose them
by name. Raphael, Zadkiel and Zerachiel are all
available. Most people have heard of Archangel
Raphael. He name means “God heals.” No
question about his job! He can assist with any
form of healing: physical, mental, emotional or
spiritual. Zadkiel is known as the angel of mercy
and will help you alleviate suffering of any kind.
Zerachiel can help with addictions and addictive
behaviors. He is partial to helping children and
children of addicts.

The multitudes of heaven’s angels are waiting to
assist you. It is not only their duty, but also their
joy to provide help and guidance to humanity.
They are never too busy and no job is too big or
small for them to handle. Invite them into you



Preparing for fatherhood is like getting ready
for the big game. You have to understand your
offence (abilities), your defence (limitations)
and your bench (other resources) . You also
have to know your opponent – in this case, your
future new baby. OK, so the baby is not really
an opponent, at least not until the teenage
years, but preparation is still key.
Going out to buy baby furniture, clothes and
toys, baby-proofing your house, sending off for
information about college funds that you’ll fail
to invest in for the next decade: it’s just routine
game prep, like sharpening your spikes or
stealing the other team’s playbook.
Now that we’ve been fathers for a collective
four years, we’ve noted a few THINGS THEY
DIDN’T TELL YOU. Most people offer three
simple pieces of advice to prospective fathers:
You’re going to love it;
It’s a lot of work; and Your life is going to change.

Others often throw out a mere “you’ll see” with
a smirk. That smirk is the proverbial secret
handshake of the brotherhood of fathers, in
which members are sworn not to reveal all the

We herewith break that vow. So, for future
fathers, here are some of those THINGS THEY

Changing diapers is often a near-death
experience. If the sight of an almost
inexplicable quantity doesn’t drop you to your
knees, then the smell will. Disposing of the
diaper can pose an added problem. Those
devices designed for odor reduction have been
known to take off the hand of an untrained
dad. A full-body bio-mechanical suit is
recommended attire for this hazardous duty.
Small children can hurt you. Badly. They don’t
mean too, but they can. The unexpected toy
crashing into your shins, the inadvertent sippy
cup to the back of the head or the well-placed
kick to the crotch has caused many fathers to
realize that the little one packs a mean punch.
Your eating habits will change. Ugba, Suya, Point And Kill FIsh and beer will have to wait. You’ll learn to eat those things that you’ve forgotten about

A child between 18 months and three years has
more energy than the average cub scout pack.
From the time their little feet hit the ground in
the morning until they reluctantly hit the sack
at night, they create a whole new kind of
natural disaster. Picture a tornado touching
down after a category five hurricane wipes out
what little house was left after a tsunami.
That’s if you only have one child. The average
two-year old can ransack a room in less than 20
minutes.Your kitchen floor will never be clean
again. Food will show up in the strangest forms
in the strangest places you can possibly
imagine. Expect to dig food items from
between your toes at least once a week. And
remember, if the kid finds something on the
floor and eats it before you can intervene, it’s
Putting in a car seat requires a master’s degree
in engineering. Buckles, bolts and straps that
would confound Houdini. Solution? Let your
wife handle this one. She has more patience
and will at least read the directions.
Children imitate what fathers do and say, and
then repeat them at any given time or place.
Enough said.
Regardless of some of the things that fathers
didn’t know before the little tyke arrives, there
is nothing that compares to the joy that
children can bring to fatherhood. Looking into
your child’s eyes as you lay her down for bed at
night and feeling the love and affection makes
all the dirty diapers in the world tolerable –
well, perhaps not the one with corn and
collards. We won’t be making that mistake

Future Dads like Me Should Always bear these in Mind as well …….. Sent From The Beats By Roc Company Hq,Norway.

What do you think. What’s your opinion on this ?
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Although 2013 is still on, would you rate the eleven months that are almost gone as great for Imo State in the area of entertainment?

For an upcoming artiste who probably dropped two singles this year with couple of air play, he would say it has been a great year, but for those who are waiting on the Lord for a label to look their way, it has been like other years.

For a young girl and another young man who were probably known by their friends alone, but now walks into the Government House as Ada and Opara Imo, it has been a great year, but for others who never saw that gate because the governor that knew them is now residing somewhere in Abuja, God is supposed to reverse the year.

I once told the tale of a growing city in the area of entertainment; I unveiled our strengths and weakness, yet skipping the heart of it.

In 2013, the rain fell for the good, the bad and the ugly. While it filled the cups and drums of some who lacked water, it washed away the tears of others and also pulled off the roofs of some others.

Simply say 2013 was fair and unfair.

Before 2013, and in some parts of 2013, there was an office called Bureau for Entertainment in Imo State, ran by comedian Uche Ogbuagu who was allegedly called the Special Assistant to the Imo State governor on Entertainment and Propaganda ; an office which never existed since the government of Rochas Okorocha took over in 2011.

Uche Ogbuagu claimed to be the highest authority in Imo State entertainment or better say in Imo State entertainment politics. Many criticised his action that he must approve most major events in the state while his power clashed with the likes Buchi George and Emma Duru.

In my opinion, if he was ever appointed as an adviser to the governor, it is either he never got close to the governor or he never offered any advice to the governor because his tenure brought not even a single change to the entertainers on the streets aside fellow praise singers in the government house.

I am still surprised that with the so called entertainment gurus our governor has in the government house, the only entertainment event the state government could organise in a whole year was the so called Ada and Opara Imo, a pageant most considered as ‘the normal government thing’.

Rivers and Cross Rivers States disturb my ears with news and jingles of their state carnival and I am yet to hear such in the state and while Buchi George might still hold out his hands for the N34m the state is owing him for organising Imo State Carnival in 2011, nothing has been said about the 2013 edition.

Governor Okorocha might think he is the King Solomon of Imo State by not finding a single entertainer based in the state fit for a certain appointment as well as making the office Special Adviser on Entertainment a history, but soon the bell will ring and the Douglas House will be calling for praise singers who will compose her 2015 anthem.

We will all be watching.

Bringing in people who just parade the government house and leave when their appointments are terminated might be ideal in his style, but he should remember this simple saying “Na who wear shoe, know where e de pain am”. Failure to support entertainers whose numbers are growing daily in their various genres will surely cost him or anyone that would be running in his stead come 2015. To the best of my knowledge based on the political awareness in the state, any last minute change will be seen as mere ‘politricking’. Money will be spent but no vote will be cast.

Before 2013, I never heard of PMAN until a certain day, the name resurrected from nowhere, revealing what many never knew.

PMAN had been in existence in the state, and just like a student that failed a course in the university, they carried over the problem at the national level to the state, having two factions that will never agree.

While one faction was having meetings with grassroot artistes; promising these voiceless artistes things that would change their lives when actualized, the other faction was holding award night, honouring politicians and their likes for achievement that are best known to them.

What is the meaning of PMAN? Performing Musician Employee Association of Nigeria. Maybe the employee justifies why those running the affairs of the association are artistes who were last seen on stage more than a decade ago.

This is just like a father heading a youth association, I must say that PMAN has been a shame in the state and anyone parading himself as the leader of the association should ask himself what he has achieved for artistes in the state and not just the few followers that accompany him to courtesy calls.

Has PMAN given the artiste on the street a single hope? None of that I know about.

Have the leaders of PMAN enriched themselves?

These days, artistes have no one to look up to, no role model and everyone is scattered like power blown in the wind.

Imo Sate is one place people with zero IQ in entertainment run the affairs in what will determine the future of many youths in the state.

Being 50 years does not mean one knows it all; wisdom comes with experience and not with age.

For those in the media who have cared less about the locals, you need to think again. We prefer to promote made men, who do not need promotions, sending indigenous entertainers to the trash can.

All you need to do is visit a burial ceremony by the Anglican Church, listen to that popular hymn that say you’ll be remembered by only the things you have done.

This is one reason, many people still call the late Hot 99.5 FM presenter, Raymond Ayuba a legend. He believed in talent and lived by that code and today, his efforts have brought many to limelight.

DJs will have their own strokes to receive aside few that will make it on the roll call. I listened to an Enugu State based DJ playing in a wedding ceremony in community and he never played a song by any other artistes aside those from Enugu State. Which DJ can brag of playing 20% of songs that are made here? Again, only a few will make the roll call.

Dear artiste and producer, you are busy calling these other people names for not looking into your matter, what have you done for yourself? Your best discussions are criticisms, back-biting and looking for a way to pull the other person down. You’ll never accept that a colleague has moved to the next level, so you make his fans to still see him as that ordinary guy.

Remember thus, a child who says his father is crazy should as his biology teacher for the list of hereditary traits in man. Helping someone up the ladder will never be a stupid thing to do, unless we wish to be busy playing ‘game of throne’, as it will never helps anyone.

The government, her agents and leaders of these associations should stop seeing entertainment as something that is more of side attraction, but understand that the future of many young Imolites are being toiled with.

They love to shake hands with achievers whom they have contributed nothing to their success, they would love to splash lands, cars and scholarship to make the world see them as angels, but I know that one day a courageous winner will emerge and when he will be called to the lips service reception, he will openly reject it and tell them he has no reason to celebrate with people who never cared about his days of struggle but only wants to identify with his success.

More should be invested in making heroes, instead of splashing much more in the celebration of self made heroes. Sent From The Beats By Roc Company Hq,Norway.

Fear of radical Islam is not the preserve of
Westerners. Indeed, in October,Angola, hostile
actions have been conducted in several cities.
Several officials have spoken on the subject.
The governor of Luanda summarized the act
stating that Muslims were not welcome in
Angola and that the government would not
legalize the presence of mosques in the
“This is the final end of islamic influence in our
country”,said the President,José Eduardo dos
The Minister of Culture,Rosa Cruz went in the
same direction by stating that: “The process of
legalization of Islam has not been approved by
the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their
mosques will be closed until further notice.”
The Angolan government has decided to destroy
the country’s mosques,Islam is not considered a
religion in its own right in the country.Last
October, the minaret of a mainly frequented by
Guinean mosque was dismantled.
In the urban commune of Zango, the
municipality has gone further by destroying the
only mosque in the city.
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Ancient characters of the Holy Bible, such as:
Abraham, Job, King Saul, King David and others
were said to be wealthy men of God in the
scriptures. It is said that these men obtained
great wealth by giving 10% of their money away
to God. God tells Abraham in the Old
Testament to give Him 10% of all that he owns
and he will be blessed financially because of it.
Great men and women of the 20th and in the
21st century say that giving money away
actually makes themselves feel good and brings
many blessings into their life. Businessmen
such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Bill
Gates have all given money away and in return
they have helped many people and they have
been financially blessed.
Powerful and influential women such as Oprah
Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Martha Stewart are
all said to be big donors and rich women.
These women know how to draw wealth to
themselves and plenty of it. Oprah Winfrey is
best known for her hit television talk show that
airs daily on national television. Martha
Stewart is known for her amazing television
cooking shows and the Martha Stewart Living
daily television program. Angelina Jolie is of
course known for her acting in popular movies.
As you can see, we have a diverse group of
people here. We have rich men and women.
Most of all, they come from diverse groups and
religious backgrounds. All of them seem to
have money. They are all giving and powerful
in what they do. They are known to be top
experts in their areas. The interesting thing is
that they are not all from the same religious
background and they are all not preachers or
known for their great religious sermons. How
does a person get rich then? Is giving away your
money and financial resources, truly a way to
get rich? Did our parents teach us wrong when
they told us to, “always hold onto our money
for a rainy day?” In my research, I have found
that the wealthiest people in the world are
actually givers. They donate a lot of their
money to charity and their time as well. In
return, they seem to gain great wealth. Is their
some type of financial energy that is becoming
more obvious?
Most people around the world claim that they
cannot afford to give 10% of their earnings
away each week. They say that they cannot
afford it and that giving away 10% is way to
steep. The average person however does give
something away each year. It may be a $1.00 in
an offering basket each week or they may
choose to volunteer some time to a specific
charity. However, they seem to lead basic and
ordinary lives. They often do not become
billionaires or millionaires. They seem to live
average or below average financial lifestyles.
According to the movie, “The Secret”, the best
way to get anything is to ask for it. The movie
teaches that the laws of attraction are indeed
real and they work if you put them into
practice. This is said to work for atheists,
agnostics and believers in a particular religion.
Is this really the secret to wealth?
It is amazing that most billionaires and
millionaires come from different religious
backgrounds. There are rich people in literally
every faith around the world. However, many
faiths teach that giving a portion of their
money away actually helps people and brings
wealth to you. If everyone is practicing a
different faith and believing in something
entirely different from someone else and still
gaining wealth, then it means that the law of
attraction can truly apply to anyone that
desires money or material possessions.
Saudi Arabia is said to be one of the richest
countries in the world. As we know, this is a
country that considers the Muslim faith to be
their primary religion. It is said that many
Saudi’s are billionaires and have tremendous
wealth. Many religions teach that God blesses
his own people. However, everyone that is on
the richest persons list comes from
different backgrounds from around the world.
It is obvious that it does not make a difference
what religious background you come from.
What matters is that you are practicing the law
of attraction.
Money does not seem to be given to us when
we volunteer our time to do something.
Instead, something nice may be done for you by
someone else. Mother Theresa was one of the
most giving women to ever have lived in the
world. She volunteered a great portion of her
life to the hurting and wounded children of
Calcutta India. However she did not become a
billionaire or a millionaire because of it. She
died penniless and broke and with great
admiration from the world that knew of her.
Her energy brought happiness to the lives of
thousands of people that needed her. However,
she did not get rich. Other people that gave
their lives to helping others and who did get
financially wealthy were and are: Jesus Christ,
Billy Graham, Gandhi and others. Why didn’t
they get wealthy and the others did?
Jesus Christ, Billy Graham and Gandhi are all
said to be givers. Whatever they did have, they
often gave away to help others. They were not
out to live in fancy homes or to have wealth
that would be admired by others. They instead
wanted to help others to find their way and
whatever wealth they did have, was said to be
given away to help others that were in need.
I believe that wealth is obtained by first asking
for what you want from the spirit world. You
must ask for it and believe that you will get it.
You do not have to be educated to obtain
wealth either. There are thousands of
successful entrepreneurs who do not have any
education beyond high school. Does having a
college degree mean that you will instantly
gain wealth of any sort? The answer to this
question is no.
Many people strive to start their own business
to receive financial freedom. However, if you
look at a financially successful stock broker,
you will find that they are working for someone
else and still earning millions of dollars. You
can find the same with many successful real
estate agents. Many real estate agents continue
to work for successful companies despite
becoming rich. They could easily start their
own real estate office with their own name on
it. However they choose to work for a real
estate agency.
The power of gaining wealth seems to be given
to those that want it and who are willing to
give a portion of their wealth away to charities
and others that are in need. Most wealthy
people do not just give $10.00 away, but they
are literally giving away thousands, millions
and even billions. They don’t have to do this,
but they are choosing to do this because they
want to be able to help others that are in need.
There is power behind what they do and why
they have become so successful at it.
I tried an experiment once and it did work for
me. I decided to take 10% of all of what I had
and give it to charity. I was attending a small
Christian church at the time and I did give my
money away. I noticed that within a weeks
timing, my money was coming back to me in
ways that I never expected. I was given a raise
by one of my bosses and nothing went wrong
with my car that week. I usually had car
trouble every other day. I even had a car
mechanic give me a special price on fixing the
problem so that it would never happen again. I
stopped giving the 10% away after 3 weeks and
slowly my problems began to come back to me.
I had car troubles and rent that was getting to
steep for me to pay and I felt bombarded by
financial heartaches. I knew that something
had to change for me and I was not sure what it
was. I however did feel that I had to make
some adjustments if I was ever going to see
any form of wealth come to me.
Anyone that I have ever met that has ever tried
tithing has told me that their finances were
taken care of each and every week. These are
people from all different religious
backgrounds. I believe that we have a power
that governs over us and that expects us to give
back to what it has given to us. I also believe
that you have got to want to have this wealth
for the right reasons.
The rich usually did not get wealthy because
they wanted to just have money. It usually
happened because they loved to work and they
often worked long and hard hours. They
mastered their craft and gave their money
away at the same time. Slowly, they began to
build their financial empires. I have found that
most financially well off people; tend to have a
belief in God and a love for giving to others.
The power of asking for something makes the
universe give it to you. I don’t know why
exactly, but it just seems to work that way.
….. Psychic
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Lovers are always not sure of fidelity in their relationships, and in Nigeria, neither a guy nor a lady can be trusted these days. For this reason some go into an oath of fidelity.
Oath taking can come in different forms based on various beliefs. One could do with blood, some use holy books e.g Bible and Quran and so on….and it’s believed that whoever breaks the oath will suffer a setback in his/her life. I don’t know if this method of assuring one’s fidelity is still popular in Nigeria, but it does exists.
The question now is; knowing the consequences that may be involved if you break an oath would you still go into an oath of fidelity with your lover in the name of love? Can you ever do this?
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