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This Motivational Words Can possibly Help in Defining you : Just Go Through These Notes To find out SEVEN things You Shouldn’t SAy you Are ;

Fill in the blank with anything. If you don’t think you’re pretty or talented or smart enough, ask yourself why you feel that way. If others are telling you these things, don’t believe them and find new people to surround yourself with that will make you feel good about yourself. If the media is the cause of your pain, realize that magazines and TV shows dramatize the importance of appearances and pictures are easily photoshopped. One of the negative thoughts about yourself that you should avoid is feeling like you’re not good enough. See your worth.

When something bad happens to you, don’t blame yourself. It’s unhealthy to believe that you ‘got what was coming to you’ whenever negative things happen. While some problems can be avoided, others are impossible to stop. Remember that despite what you’ve done in the past, you’re a good person. You don’t deserve pain.

Why do you think that your crush would reject you? If he’s only into girls that look like supermodels, find a new guy who’s not shallow. If he goes for girls with a good sense of humor, tell him your best joke. There’s no reason to think that you don’t stand a chance with a guy. Show him your lovely personality, flash him a smile, and see what happens. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your crush is better than you. He’d be lucky to have you; you’re a prize.

You can do whatever you set your mind to. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s the truth. If you have a goal, try your hardest to accomplish it. Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection. Tell yourself that you’re capable of succeeding and remain positive.

After cheating on your boyfriend or having a nasty fight with your parents, it can be difficult to recover emotionally. Just remember that whatever you did wrong is in the past. If it’s impossible to fix your mistake, you can at least learn from it. Everyone has done things that they aren’t proud of, but that doesn’t make them evil. Humans are all flawed, which means they make mistakes. Don’t dwell on the how you’ve acted in the past and focus on how you want to act in the future.

More people care about you than you realize. Even if you haven’t been getting along with your family or friends lately, they still love you. There could even be an acquaintance of yours that looks forward to your little chats every day. You never know how many people you’ve affected. Never think that you’re alone in life, because there are people around you who genuinely care.

Hate is a strong word that you should refrain from using. There are traits that we all wish we didn’t possess, but there’s no reason to hate yourself over them. If the aspect you dislike is changeable, then what’s stopping you from bettering yourself? If it’s something that you can’t change, then you have to learn to accept that it’s a part of who you are. Never be ashamed of who you are.

Once you stop telling yourself the things listed above, you’ll be happier. There’s no reason to focus on the negative when it only causes you pain. In the spirit of positivity, what’s your favorite thing about yourself?

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Kindness is often a pretty simple thing to spread in the world.

But we often forget about it. Or don’t remember how it can help us all.

Three things that I like to keep in mind and that help me to try being a kinder person are these:

I get what I give. Yep, some people will be ungrateful, miserable and not reciprocating no matter what you may do. But most people will over time treat you as you treat them.
By being kinder to others I am more likely to be kinder to myself. It may sound a bit odd but my experience is that when I am kinder towards others then my self-esteem goes up and I think more highly about myself. It simply makes my own little world a nicer and happier place to live in.
So how can you start spreading the kindness in your daily life? Here are 15 ways to do it.

Pick one of the them that resonates with you and start spreading the kindness today.

1. Express your gratitude.

Think about what you can be grateful for about someone in your life. Maybe that he is a good listener, that he often is quick to help out or that he always adds great songs to a Spotify playlist. Or simply that he held up the door for you.

Then express that gratitude in a simple “thank you!” or in a sincere sentence or two.

2. Replace the judgments.

No one likes to be judged. And the more you judge other people the more you tend to judge yourself. So despite the temporary benefit of deriving pleasure from the judgments it is not a good or smart long-term habit.

3. Replace the unconstructive criticism.

Try encouragement instead of excessive criticism. It helps people to both raise their self-esteem and to do a better job. And it will make things more fun and more light-hearted in the long run.

4. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

It is quite easy to resort to unkindness when you see things just from your perspective. Two questions that help me to see and to better understand other viewpoints are:

How would I think and feel it if I were in his or her shoes? What parts of this person can I see in myself?
5. Recall how people’s kindness made you feel.

Just sit down for a few minutes and try to recall one time or a few times when other people’s kindness really touched you and helped you out.

Then think about how you can do those very same things for someone in your life.

6. Express kindness for something you may often take for granted.

It is easy to remember and to feel motivated to express kindness when someone is having a rough time or have just finished an important project.

But also remember to express kindness for how someone continues to put so much love into the dinners you eat. Or for being on time every day and doing their job well and keeping deadlines.

7. Hide a surprising and kind note.

Leave a small note with a loving or encouraging sentence in your partner’s or child’s lunchbox, hat, tea-container or book that he or she is reading right now. That minute of your time will put a smile on her face and joy and motivation in her heart.

8. Just be there.

Listen – without thinking about something else – when someone needs to vent. Just be there fully with your attention. Or have a conversation and help someone find his or her way out of fear and to a more constructive and grounded perspective.

9. Remember the small acts of kindness too.

Let someone into your lane while driving. Let someone skip ahead of you in a line if he is in a real hurry. Hold up the door for someone or ask if they need help when you see them standing around with a map and a confused look.

10. Give someone an uplifting gift.

Someone in your life may have a bit of a tough time right now. Then send him or her an inspirational book or movie. Or simply send an email with a link to something inspiring that you have found like a blog, article or a comic.

11. Help someone out practically.

Give them a hand when moving or with making dinner or arrangements before a party. If they need information, then help out by googling it or by asking knowledgeable people that you know.

12. Help the people in your life see how they make a difference in their lives.

When you talk to someone about his or her day or what has been going on lately then make sure to point out how he or she also has spread kindness and given value. People are often unaware of the positive things they do or they minimize them in their own minds.

So help them to see themselves in a more positive light and to improve their own self-esteem.

13. Remember the 3 reasons for kindness at the start of this article.

It will help you to be kinder even when you may not always feel much like it. If you like, write those reasons down on a piece of paper and put that note where you can see it every day.

14. Pay it forward.

When someone does something kind for you – no matter how big or small – then try to pay that forward by being kind to someone else as soon as you can.

15. Be kinder towards yourself.

Then you will naturally treat other people with more kindness too. It is truly a win-win habit.

A simple way to start being kinder toward yourself is to each evening write down 5 things you appreciate about yourself and about what you have done that day in a journal……….

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Every individual faces the need to start a business; the desire to own an establishment and drive it to greater heights. Also the need for new and existing business to create new solutions, processes, products and services better, faster and cheaper. This is the focus of Oru Russell’s book Zero to Zillions. This book is an excellent resource for individuals to start something new, a new business or a new product.

It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to create something new, at home or within a company

Oru Russell’s book describes an innovative approach to starting a new business and growing an existing business based on his experience as an SME. The term ‘Zero’ in Zero to Zillions refers to the starting point i.e. starting from the scratch and starting with a lean budget. It outlines tools and rules to get to the very top of a business from a small budget.

Russell uses his experience to discuss how these ideas are applied in real life providing the reader with sufficient information.

The book gives you enough detail to start yourself a business, will show you how getting a business plan will work for you, how to use branding and innovation to gain competitive advantage. This is your practical replacement for whatever textbook you used in your entrepreneurship class

No matter what you are doing at the moment, this easy read will change the way you think about you and your business. It is so simply written, with small words and big pictures and yet contains profound wisdom about how to be more productive and successful.

Overall, this is one of the books that everyone should take the time out to read, everyone needs more than a stream of ideas, we need solutions to starting and maintaining a business successfully and Zero to Zillions provides a strong description of how to bring those ideas to market.

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Leaders of a Nigerian terror group, Boko Haram, were among participants in an extensive “conference call” organised by al Qaeda to plan massive attacks, before the meeting was intercepted by U.S. intelligence, triggering the closure of several American embassies, U.S. media reported Wednesday.
The United States has closed 20 embassies, including four from sub-Saharan Africa countries, namely, Rwanda, Burundi, Mauritius, and Madagascar.
Officials, according to initial media reports, said the decision was taken after communications between al Qaeda leader, Egyptian-born, Ayman Zawahiri, and the group’s leader in Yemen, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, were intercepted last week.
But news website, The Daily Beast, on Wednesday quoted three unnamed U.S officials as saying that the discussion between the two al Qaeda leaders was in a conference call that included the leaders or representatives of al Qaeda and its affiliates, who called through a presumably secure network, from different locations. In all, the website said, more than 20 al Qaeda operatives were on the call.
“Al Qaeda members included representatives or leaders from Nigeria’s Boko Haram, the Pakistani Taliban, al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, and more obscure al Qaeda affiliates such as the Uzbekistan branch,” the report said. “Also on the call were representatives of aspiring al Qaeda affiliates such as al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula, according to a U.S. intelligence official.”
The presence of aspiring al Qaeda affiliates operating in the Sinai was one reason the State Department closed the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, the report said quoting one U.S. intelligence official.
“These guys already proved they could hit Eilat. It’s not out of the range of possibilities that they could hit us in Tel Aviv,” the official said.
The report, widely sourced by other U.S. media on Wednesday, reflected the global reaches of Boko Haram as the Nigerian government struggles back home to contain the deadly group that has massacred thousands of civilians.
The government panel, set up to negotiate with the group, claimed it made progress and indeed, reached a ceasefire agreement with Boko Haram. But the group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau has denied that claim.
As though to prove that point, armed men suspected to be members of the group clashed with security forces in Borno state on Sunday, leaving at least 35 people dead, barely a week after a bomb exploded in Kano state, killing about 20.
Again, while Boko Haram appears on the U.S. list, the notorious Somali terror group, Al Shabaab, which operates on the horn of Africa, was not mentioned, potentially, a measure of Boko Haram’s strategic importance in the global terror network.The Daily Beast said the al Qaeda leaders had assumed the conference calls, which gave Mr. Zawahiri the ability to manage his organization from a remote location, were secure. But leaks about the original intercepts have likely exposed the operation that allowed the U.S. intelligence community to listen in on the al Qaeda board meetings.
“This was like a meeting of the Legion of Doom,” one U.S. intelligence officer told The Daily Beast.
The official reportedly said that Mr. Zawahiri announced to the broader organization during the meeting that the Yemeni man, Mr. Wuhayshi, had been promoted to “Ma’sul al-Amm,” an Arabic term that roughly translates as “general manager.”
The promotion effectively gave the leader of al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen operational control of al Qaeda’s many affiliates throughout the Muslim world, the official said, a key factor that led the State Department to close embassies, missions, and consulates throughout the region.
“All you need to do is look at that list of places we shut down to get a sense of who was on the phone call,” the official said.
Also during the meeting, the various al Qaeda leaders discussed in vague terms plans for a pending attack and mentioned that a team or teams were already in place for such an attack. For some leading members of Congress, the revelation that al Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan is actively managing and directing the operations of several affiliates directly refutes the Obama administration’s repeated assertion that the leadership of the core of the group has been decimated by American drone strikes and special operations forces while the affiliate groups have been strengthened. Sent From The Beats By Roc Company Hq,Norway.

The is the new wonder bra, InvisiBra: a strapless, bra that has just been produced for women to wear in order to maintain their dignity.
The bra claims to be a backless, strapless, self-adhesive bra that will lift and enhance cleavage but won’t slip off.

Due to the fact that most normal bras are burdensome to women – and men alike – Stick-on InvisiBra glues onto the breasts to give cleavage a boost – with NO fabric necessary


1. It is the clasp of the InvisiBra that makes it different, the firm says. 
2. The stickiness is a special glue from Germany that regenerates itself every time it is washed. 
‘3. The shape of the cups for InvisiBra are unique and the way they are placed on the breasts and then clasped together in the centre gives the wearer support and lift.
4. ‘It is the only self-adhesive bra that gives you a cleavage,’ they say. 
5. Handwash only, each bra can be reused up to 200 times.
6. InvisiBras are made from medical grade silicone with fabric or lace placed over the cups. 
7. Invisibra say their silicone is medically proven to be safe for the skin.

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