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One would say that ever since the Deejay Saquo’s initiative commenced in owerri, there has been Gross Change in the entertainment Sector Of Imo State , but I will gladly say , there Has been A Very Gross Transformation In the Industry.

With the Advent of Deejay Saquo’s Monthly Starnite Events , Owerri entertainment Has witnessed a lot of buckling of up of artistes, entertainment organisers and rest of them….. With the acronym that goes like this “Nobody Go like Carry Last ” , No entertainer in Owerri now Surely wants To carry last, most especially , knowing fully well that He/She will be Featured In The event which also Hosts Super Stars And Celebrities from Our Lagos Mainstream Industry.

Amidst all Ups and Downs , Criticisms , and Gossips , Deejay Saquo has continually shown His dedication To what he promised To Do in Owerri; and I must say, He has achieved His aims, what’s left is for the Event To grow up To an internationally recognised event- which I know will surely happen in No distant time.

Integrating our Artistes Down here with The Superstars out there is Just what Owerri Needs To grow with. It was said To me Some couple of years back in FESTAC, Lagos that Owerri cannot grow up in Entertainment Considering the fact that “All Owerri Artistes Are Lazy”. I argued with them And Told them that the reason was that there has never been An investor whose interest is channelled towards the development of Real entertainment In Owerri. Thank God Today we have One BIG investor and he’s Deejay SaQuo ..

In A Fore Sight , Star Nite will Become The Most heard Music Event in Africa , The Biggest project Nigeria will Ever Host, And will become What States would Beg To Host Sooner. Like I wrote in My Previously posted article ‘ I See A Ray Of Light’. That’s what the feeling is …

To the Artiste , Support Deejay SaQuo by participating Whenever your name is listed in the programme . Don’t Go about carrying fabricated Lies from ‘Haters’ Of Success in Imo State.

Recently, it was Rumoured That Saquo’s Is Been given =N=400,000 To Run Starnite Events And He Squanders it With Foreign Artistes And Leaves The Owerri artistes Unpaid… This impression is Absurd And Fake. This Rumour is being generated by the ‘Unwilling-To-Grow-Up’ sets of Entertainers In Imo State Whose mindsets Are To destroy what they never Helped build. On the Contrary, Deejay SaQuo has sacrificed his Time And money, gathering artistes And celebrating Them. And its very clear that He will Not fail.

With the previous recorded Starnite Events and Turn outs , One Would Say That StarNite IV will be A bomb with the Gathering Of Stars Like Rayce,Freestyle,NonyD,Dawntawn,Freelance,D7,Kasablanka, Reflex,Skutch,Baseline Soldier,Kozy,Gentle;

With Wheel Spinners like :

Sb Dancers

Mc F

All will be Much Fun On The 31 of May 2013 At Valencia Lounge And Resorts .

Definitely The Beats By Roc Magazine Crew , MYD Films , O’Town Gist Crew , Wadupnaija Team , Sarge Mix Company , Hot FM 99.5 Team, Valencia Records , Khala Graphics HQ , NOC MUSIC , , And Many Other Supporters Will Be there To Handle their Respective Media Offices ……

I don’t Think You Should Miss This Event!
Long Live Deejay Saquo Nigeria , Long Live The Other Hosts Of Star Nite IV

Written By Yung Roc


The leader of Islamist extremist group Boko Haram claims in a video obtained by AFP on Tuesday that Nigerian soldiers have retreated during an ongoing military offensive while insurgents have sustained little damage.
The video marks the first public comments from Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau since the start of a sweeping offensive by the Nigerian army on May 15 and also includes a call for foreign Islamists to join the fight in Nigeria.
Shekau’s whereabouts cannot be determined in the video, in which he is shown seated and dressed in camouflage with a turban, an AK-47 at his side.
His comments contradict statements from the military, which has claimed major successes during the offensive, including the destruction of Boko Haram camps and dozens of arrests.
It has been impossible to verify the claims of either side independently, with the military having cut mobile phone service in much of the country’s northeast and access to remote locations restricted.
“Since we started this ongoing war which they call state of emergency … in some instances soldiers who faced us turned and ran,” Shekau says in the hour-long video. He claims Nigerian forces “threw down their arms in flight.”
He calls on like-minded Islamists in countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to join the fight to create an Islamic state in Nigeria.
“We call to us our brethren in these countries I mentioned. Oh! Our brethren, come to us,” he says in the video, which alternates between Arabic and the Hausa language spoken across northern Nigeria.
The video later purports to show vehicles and weapons seized from Nigerian soldiers.
Shekau, designated a global terrorist by the United States last year, repeats earlier statements that Boko Haram “will not stop the kidnap of your women and children until you set free our women and children, and our brethren.”
He also says Boko Haram’s goal is either the creation of an Islamic state or “martyrdom”.
The video was delivered to AFP though an intermediary in a manner similar to previous Boko Haram messages. The images of Shekau in the video are consistent with those previously released.

About 120 militant Islamists have been arrested in Nigeria’s north-eastern city of Maiduguri, as they were organising the burial of a commander, an army spokesman has said.

The military has also recaptured five areas from the militants, he added.

There has been no independent confirmation of what the army has said.

President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three north-eastern states last week to quell the insurgency by the Boko Haram group.

It has carried out a wave of bombings and assassinations since 2009, saying it wants to establish an Islamic state across Nigeria.

A second Islamist group, Ansaru, joined the insurgency in 2012, taking foreigners hostage.

Officials say some 2,000 people have fled to neighbouring Niger, while more have crossed into Cameroon, since the army launched its offensive in the states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe last week.

‘Shallow graves’

Some 2,000 soldiers were deployed to the region last week, in the biggest campaign to date against the Islamist militants.

The army has said it is also sending an extra 1,000 troops to Adamawa state.

Militants fleeing towards neighbouring Chad and Niger are being “contained”, military spokesman Chris Olukolade said, in a statement on Monday.

“Advancing troops also observed a few shallow graves believed to be those of hurriedly buried members of the terrorist groups,” he added.

Brig Gen Olukolade said the 120 militants who were arrested were being interrogated, bringing to more than 200 the number of Islamists the army says it has arrested since last week.

The militants were seized as they were preparing for the funeral of a commander killed in a battle with government troops, Brig Gen Olukolade added.

The army had secured five towns and villages in remote parts of Borno state after “destroying all the terrorists camps” in the area, he said.

The military said last week it had carried out air strikes, destroying militant bases in Sambisa game reserve, south of Maiduguri, and elsewhere.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged the Nigerian army to show restraint and not violate human rights as it pursues the militants.

Mr Kerry said there were “credible allegations” of “gross human rights violations” by the Nigerian military.

Last November, Amnesty International accused Nigeria’s security forces of carrying out widespread abuses in their campaign against Boko Haram, including extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances and torture.

More than 2,000 people have died in violence in Nigeria since 2010, most of which is blamed on Boko Haram.

There has been growing concern that the group could be receiving backing from al-Qaeda-linked militants in other countries.

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — A key city in northeast Nigeria was on lockdown Sunday as the military enforced a 24-hour curfew and blocked supply routes in its sweeping campaign against Islamist insurgents.
The operation against Boko Haram, the group that wants an Islamic state in northern Nigeria, is aimed at retaking territory seized by the militants and ridding the country off “terrorist activities,” the miltary has said.
The offensive has included air strikes on Boko Haram strongholds in remote parts of north-eastern Borno state, and has spread to the state capital Maiduguri, the insurgents’ traditional home base — which residents said Sunday was under a blockade.
Soldiers sealed roads heading out of Maiduguri, blocking supply routes to remote towns where Boko Haram Islamists have seized power, residents said.
“There is a huge build-up of trucks loaded with essential commodities… along the Baga road on the way out of Maiduguri to the northern part of the state,” said resident Ibrahim Yahaya.
“The drivers said they have been prevented by the military from going northward,” he told AFP by email.
The phone network in Borno has all but collapsed since President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday declared a state of emergency there and in two neighbouring states, Adamawa and Yobe.
The military on Saturday imposed a round-the-clock curfew in 12 Maiduguri neighbourhoods considered Boko Haram bastions.
The curfew was being enforced on Sunday, with most roads deserted, an AFP journalist reported, while some living in areas not impacted by the curfew also stayed in doors.
“My area is not affected but I have to stay at home with my family,” trader Ezekiel Adamu said.
He explained that he was afraid of coming across soldiers, who “seem to have more power with the state of emergency.”


Gunmen, suspected to be Boko Haram terrorists have attacked banks and police formations in Daura, the hometown of General Muhammadu Buhari, in the Northwestern state of Katsina, where there has never been any incident of terrorism since 2009, when Boko Haram began its military campaign.

Brigadier-General Illyasu Abbah, Commander of The 3 Brigade, Nigerian Army, headquartered in Kano, revealed to press men Friday evening that three soldiers and four terrorists died during the ensuing encounter.

Abbah said from reports made available to him, the terror-gang came in large numbers chanting “Allahu Akbar”.(Allah is the Greatest).

The guns seized from the attackers

The guns seized from the attackers

The army boss who told journalists that intelligence reports at his disposal indicated that terrorists who are being dislodged in the troubled North-East states are shifting their base to the northwest, called for unflinching support from members of the public in terms of giving useful information to security agencies.

Earlier reports on the Daura attack claimed that six police men and two civilians were killed, but the Katsina state Commissioner of Police, Abdullahi Magaji was silent on the number of casualties from the police side.

The Police boss told journalists in Katsina that the operation was carried out by armed robbers.

However, addressing reporters at the 3 Brigade headquarters yesterday, the Commander, Brigadier-General Illyasu Abba revealed that three soldiers and four terrorists lost their lives during several hours of gun duel.

Brigadier-General Abbah during his briefing in Kano also noted that four terrorists were arrested, while several fleeing others sustained different degrees of bullet wounds during the cross-fire.

Items recovered by the miltary include, 11 AK 47 riffles, 73 Magazines, 275 rounds of 7.62 ammunition, 118 rounds of FNW ammunition, 141 rounds of 9mm ammunition, one smoke of gun, two vehicles, and various Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Brigadier-General Abbah’s full sattement: “in keeping with the tradition of 3 Brigade, Nigerian Kano of updating residents within its area of operational responsibility on the fight against terrorists and criminal elements, the Brigade states as follows, on 16 May 2013 at about 2130 hours, members of the terrorists sect coordinated simultaneous attacks in Daura Local Government Council of Katsina state, on the Area Command of the Police and the Divisional Police station.
“The terrorists proceeded to rob four banks; however, troops of 35 Battalion responded to distress call and made gains against the terrorists. At the end of the encounter with troops which stretched up to Dutsi along Mani Road, four terrorists lost their lives while a good number of them sustained gunshot wounds. Three soldiers also lost their lives in the shootout while others sustained injuries.
“The Army boss, however, appealed to the general public to cooperate with security agencies by divulging timely information on the activities of the militants, “headquarters of 3 Brigade and, Nigerian Army and all its units within its area of operational responsibility of Kano, Katsina and Jigawa states would like to assure residents that it is ready to respond to these threats.

“The three states may likely experience influx of persons with criminal tendencies fleeing the North-East, “where military operations are ongoing to root out terrorist s operating within the zone. The Brigade would also like to advice financial institutions with outstations outside of the state capitals to always leave minimal unattractive cash in their vaults at the end of business as the terrorists are in need of cash.

“There may be likelihood of house-to-house search; but the success of such operation will depend largely on the cooperation of the people, because the terrorists that attacked Daura were so many as the switched off all the security lights in Daura before carrying out their operation.
“The irony of it all was that when the terrorists invaded Daura, they started shouting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, as children joined them to chorus it as they carried out their operations.”

CP Magaji, however, claimed that his Command also killed four of the gun men that attacked banks and police stations and also recovered four AK 47 and four IDEs.

“Yesterday (Thursday) around 10:00 p.m, we received an information that some armed robbers were attacking banks in Daura town. When I received this message I tried to connect all the DPOs within the area at the same time dispatched armoured personnel carrier and other vehicles that could rescue the situation.

‘”These hoodlums are armed robbers, I therefore urged people in the community to be wary of strangers and report any person of suspicious movement. The police are always ready to ensure protection of lives
and property and we are on trail of the fleeing hoodlums’ he stressed.

“Most people ran into the bush when the shooting and the bombing started. I believed they came in about ten cars and they overwhelmed the security in the town. In fact everybody was on his own during the attacks by the hoodlums who are armed robbers. I therefore urge people in the community to be wary of strangers and report any person of suspicious
movement. The police are always ready to ensure protection of lives and property and we are on the trail of the fleeing hoodlums.”  however, learnt from residents that the Sabon Gari Police station in Daura was also burnt down by the terrorists during the attack.

The Nigerian Army has alerted the public on the use of military camouflage by members of the Boko Haram sect to perpetrate violence and create an impression that the military is responsible.

The Chief of Civil Military Affairs of the Nigerian Army, Major General Mobolaji Koleoso, told a news conference in Abuja on Friday that most of the terrors unleashed on civilians which are blamed on the military are perpetrated by the insurgents.

He claimed that Boko Haram’s evolving tactics of using phony military camouflage, aided the massive casualties in Bama, Borno State where they dressed as members of the Nigerian army.

Major-General Koleoso also confirmed that there was a gun duel between the sect members and officers of the Nigerian Army in Daura, Katsina State on Thursday night in which two soldiers died.

He claimed that five members of Boko Haram were also killed in the attack.

The military commander explained that the attack in Daura was carried out by the sect members using military camouflage.

In another press briefing, the police commissioner in Katsina, Abdullahi Magaji, said the gunmen bombed two police stations and four banks in the town on Thursday night, adding that one of the suspects was killed in the attack while the other four were trailed and killed on Mani-Dutsi road around 9.30 am on Friday.

Tuface and Ice Prince have been nominated for the 2013 Black Entertainment BET Best International act award.

The ceremony is taking place at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on June 30.

The two Nigerian music stars were nominated alongside R2bees from Ghana, Radio and Weasel from Uganda, Donald from South Africa, and Toya Delazy from South Africa. The award will hold 30th June. See the full nominees list

Best International Act: Africa

2Face Idibia (Nigeria)

Toya Delazy (South Africa)

Donald (South Africa)

Ice Prince (Nigeria)

R2Bees (Ghana)

Radio and Weasel (Uganda)


Best International Act: UK

Marsha Ambrosius



Rita Ora

Emeli Sandé



Best Female R&B/Pop Artist


Tamar Braxton

Alicia Keys


Elle Varner


Best Male R&B/Pop Artist

Chris Brown

Bruno Mars


Justin Timberlake



Best Group

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Mary Mary

Mindless Behavior


The Throne (Kanye West & Jay-Z)


Best Collaboration

2 Chainz f/ Drake – No Lie

A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar – “Problems”

French Montana f/ Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne – “Pop That”

Kendrick Lamar f/ Drake – “Poetic Justice”

Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie”

Kanye West f/ Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz – “Mercy”


Best Male Hip Hop Artist

2 Chainz

A$AP Rocky



Kendrick Lamar


Best Female Hip Hop Artist

Azealia Banks


Nicki Minaj


Rye Rye


Video of the Year

2 Chainz f/ Drake – “No Lie”

A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar – “Problems”

Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

Drake f/ Lil Wayne – “HYFR”

Kendrick Lamar f/ Drake – “Poetic Justice”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis f/ Wanz – “Thrift Shop”

Miguel – “Adorn”

Rihanna – “Diamonds”

Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie”

Kanye West f/ Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz – “Mercy”


Video Director of the Year

A$AP Rocky & Sam Lecca

Benny Boom

Director X

Dre Films

Hype Williams


Best New Artist

Azealia Banks

Joey Bada$$

Kendrick Lamar

Trinidad Jame$

The Weeknd


Best Gospel Artist

Deitrick Haddon


Tamela Mann

Mary Mary

Marvin Sapp


Best Actress

Angela Bassett

Halle Berry

Taraji P. Henson

Gabrielle Union

Kerry Washington


Best Actor

Don Cheadle


Jamie Foxx

Samuel L. Jackson

Denzel Washington


Young Stars Award

Gabrielle Douglas

Jacob Latimore

Keke Palmer

Jaden Smith

Quvenzhané Wallis


Best Movie

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Django Unchained

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap


Think Like A Man


Subway Sportswoman of the Year

Gabrielle Douglas

Brittney Griner

Candace Parker

Serena Williams

Venus Williams


Subway Sportsman of the Year

Victor Cruz

Kevin Durant

Robert Griffin III

LeBron James

Ray Lewis


Coca-Cola Viewers Choice Award

A$AP Rocky f/ Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar – “Problems”

Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

Kendrick Lamar – “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

Miguel – “Adorn”

Rihanna – “Diamonds”

Justin Timberlake f/ Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie”


Centric Award

Tamar Braxton – “Love and War”

Fantasia – “Lose To Win”

Miguel – “Adorn”

Nas – “Daughters”

Charlie Wilson – “My Love Is All I Have”