Star Nite 2 : The Event

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Headlines

Star Nite Event Review:

Its No longer a dream to believe that Deejay Saquo (@deejaysaquong) has finally put up the fire that had been splint-glowing in Owerri in the past 10 years -. Just like the Olympics torch, Now the fire burns in the heart of Owerri.

All thanks to Deejay Saquo And Sarge Mix , who pioneered and engineered the build up of the real entertainment in Owerri Via the introduction of Star Nite..

29th March 2013, is a day to remember in the hearts of all entertainers , fans, music lovers and artistes, as deejay saquo raised the roof of entertainment in owerri, proving a lot of possibilities that has in the past been argued over.

Star nite 29.03.13 was History as Eedris Abdulkareem and a host of other Owerri -based Top stars Graced the stage of Valencia Lounge And Resort World Bank, in Owerri with awesome and outstanding performances….

The greatest of the event was that the event was propagated live and streamed as well live online via Streaming media from the The. Rockmediahouse Company. Star Nite 2 twitter handle was throughout that night ,busy and transmitting to the rest of the world that missed the event. MYD FILMS was at the edge of doing wonders with the camera crew. The show was really great as star nite twitter handle continued to recieve tweets and retweets from around the world that night, which meant that fans were awake following up the event as they were not present.. ….

The Red Carpet Event Hosted a lot of Superstars and On Air Personalities, Ranging from Eedris Abdulkareem, Slow Dog, Sym 19,Femi Large, Big Boyz Academy Crew , The Beats By Roc Crew, Sammie Davies , E berry , E sure , etc DJs 3:16 ,Timberland ,DY and Blaze Spinned Till Morning without rest……
From my review i can say that Star Nite is just begining as the new Developments i witnessed show me a lot to watchout for. … hmmm !

With a good working crew, i see Deejay Saquo going climax with the SUBSEQUENT STAR NITE EVENTS .

According to a starnite live tweet i read online it was written “EVERYTHING IS GOING AS PLANNED” . I said wow, when i read it and other comments from witnesses and also the live performance photos which were constantly updated on the STAR NITE TWITTER HANDLE (@starniteng) as each artiste manned the stage….
I also read on the Handle “No SPACE” ,Which means wthat the crowd was really overwhelming…..

In Deejay Saquo’s words “THIS IS JUST THE STARTING POINT” ……

All thanks to Sarge Mix for making sure that everything went as planned as he made sure that everything was really put in place – from the technical crew to the hosting of the event. Thumbs Up Bro !

What i witnessed was a great event and i am so happy that Owerri can come up with this kind of event that will strenghten entertainment in Owerri..

Star Nite 2 video Clips To be released Soon !!!!!!!



Deejay Saquo Nigeria (Hotfm 99.5 Owerri)
Sarge Mix (@drizzysarge)
MYD Films (@mistayougd)
Wadup Naija (
Otown Gist (www.
Mo’Pillz (
Reflex Soundz Nigeria (@reflexsoundz)
Valencia Resort And Lounge Limited
The Beats By Roc Company (Beats_By_Roc)

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    I like dis


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